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First permanent moon base

BS, Graduation project, 2014

The space faring age promises huge potentials, it could be our permanent link to the unlimited resources, materials, and energy from space. In 2004, George Bush announced the start of a series of robotic missions for the moon to prepare for working and living there for increasing periods of time, those missions was to collect the appropriate data about the moon resources and the construction site. The first step towards the permanent moon base will start in 2022 with unmanned moon base. till it ends with the main standalone permanent moon base. Preparation for the project : First permanent moon base will be the first planned step towards the new era, which will allow more in depth exploration to the solar system, human settlements will be established on multiple planets and moons, and year by year the present 'closed earth' mindset will be replaced by a much grander 'open space' vision of potential human advancements, and a chance for discovering endless frontiers.

Presenting the Bachelor's graduation project

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