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I'm Ahmed,

I am an architectural engineer
based in  Belgium. 

I am an artist with a problem-solving mindset, an engineer driven by curiosity, and a determined advocate for progress. I believe in the boundless possibilities that the world offers as our canvas and see it as our responsibility to continuously learn and create better spaces.

Currently, I am pursuing a PhD in Architectural Engineering and Mechanics of Materials and Constructions at Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB) under the supervision of Niels De Temmerman, Tine Tysmans, and Lars de Laet. My research is funded by the VUB Strategic Research Programme. it focuses on exploring innovative structural systems, with a particular emphasis on form-finding for structures with transformative capabilities.

My academic journey has taken me from Egypt to Belgium, where I successfully completed my Master of Science in Architectural Engineering at Bruface (VUB/ULB) in 2022. Prior to that, I earned a five-year BSc degree in architectural engineering and urban design. My dedication to education also extends to five years of experience as a teaching assistant at multiple universities in Egypt.

+32 (0) 477 312 898
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Sir Norman Foster, left, and his mentor Buckminster Fuller (Photo courtesy of Sir Norman Foster).

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