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Prison de Saint-Gilles: 2030

Development plan

The prisons of Saint-Gilles have been emptied, leaving an exceptional land area of more than 10ha to be rehabilitated close to the center of Brussels. We developed a full plan for turning the prison’s building into a multi-functional project that liberate the land and give the plot back to the city. The project won the first place in “Design project competition” course. Taught by Vincent Gérin and judged by jury members: Luc Deleuze, Laurent Vrijdaghs, Vincent Wathelet, John Pitseys, Françoise Sacchi.

Liberating a prison

 I had the opportunity to share the stage of the “realty Belgium’s real estate summit” with Benoit Moritz, Laurent Vrijdaghs, and Vincent Gérin as part of discussing case studies of the reconversion of the Saint Gilles Prison September, 2022.

In the picture (left to right): Benoît Moritz, Laurent Vrijdaghs,
Ellen leemans, Ahmed Soliman, Vincent Gérin.
WhatsAppvcvc Image 2022-09-21 at 0011.30.08 AM.jpg
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