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Bending-active plate components in configurable kit-of-pats systems

Master’s thesis project, 2022

This research explores transformable wooden kit-of-parts systems through digital and physical models. It deals with the structure as a composition of modular components that are put together on the site. It presents an alternative solution of a temporary system that can be reconfigured in different shapes and sizes using the same components. The research also offers a systematic way to connect the components with joints in symmetrical grids and solids. The system replaces each face with a modular element and then connects each two of them with one joint. The form of the final structure is based on polyhedral geometries or tesselations that were investigated thoroughly. The regularity of the systems is a key to the reconfigurability feature.

A story of a structure.

Temporary structures are everywhere. They define the outdoor spaces and fill the void between permanent constructions. They follow the organic evolution of cities’ needs and daily functions. Such organic development should be backed by transformable systems that provide flexibility. Transformable structure systems change from one state to another. They can be rapidly assembled and disassembled, then transported to another place to reuse the same materials and reduce the amount of waste.
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