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The Univer-City

TEAM: Yasmin Allaouzi, Niloofar Amini, Paulien Beeckman, Pauline Harou, Ahmed Soliman, and Alexandre Rovere
The university is a meltingpot of different science, of different knowledge. It’s an alternative disciplin that indirectly support our society. The idea of universe-city aim to break the imagining frontier between those two entities, it makes of the university an open space, with multiple sources. In our vision of the territory, it make sense to see Brussel as a complex web, where the universe-cities has an important role. The pole solbosh play his part in it. We highlighted 5 main aspects of the Solbosch campus and its surrounding at the scale of the Brussels University District. Linking the campus to the city, mobility systems , the landscape design, the environmental developments (including water management, and energy) and the notion of harmonism, in broad aspects, are the main point of concerns. These strategies not only help us to discuss sustainability beyond the environmental issues, but the social and economical levels are also taken into account. Through connecting the university with the city of Brussel, the campus will be transformed into open space for the neighborhood. Our first ambition is to open the campus to the city. Regarding this, we provide several common areas such as swimming, sport fields, urban farming, a rooftop playground, open libraries, a café and food services, a ressourcery, auditoriums and finally multi-functional areas to be shared for public events, conferences, etc. Therefore the new entrance building will be filled with community services as a link to the city. We then focus on the mobility on the scale of the campus and the BUD.
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