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Konligo Structures

The Structure is originally designed by konligo team, the visual work in this page is done by Ahmed Soliman
Konligo is a Belgian start-up specialized in lightweight and transformable structures. Its main mission is to push temporary structures to the next level, while pushing the event industry to a more sustainable future. I joined the R&D team and participated in developing the deployable scissor structure technology. During my internship in Konligo, I had the chance to work in several departments. One of the perks of working in relatively small teams is to get involved in a lot of different fields and get a broader experience of how everything works. I was trained as an engineer, but I also learned a lot of entrepreneur’s skills.
Internship - Research and development 

Create. unfold. fascinate

My journey with Konligo was an amazing touching experience. I have learned a lot on a personal and professional level, and I had a lot of fun doing so. Konligo is a great company with great ambitions, and they will dominate the market very soon. I am grateful for each and every one of the team, and I trust they will accomplish even greater things with Konligo in the future.
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