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The Chavilion: Scissor chair-pavilion

Team members: Ahmed Soliman, Hana Taherazar, Pauline Harou, Razan Atwi.

The Chavilion is a design project to create an indoor pavilion for the architectural atelier at VUB. The pavilion is a kit of parts system consists of a main repetitive unit. The system is intended to work as a Lego to assure transformability. The main block in the system is a stand-alone functional chair with scissor deplorability. Fixing 6-8 chairs together creates the arch of the pavilion that is still deployable.

Bistable structures

The project included a structural analysis using “Karamba3D” plugin on grasshopper, it also included creating a 1/5 scaled scissor system to test the whole project functionality. The chair utilized the scissor system to provide 5 different shapes of uses.
Screenshot of my guest lecture to present the project to class MA1 at Bruface program. This lecture was part of the course “ parametric design of transformable structures” taught by prof. ir. dr. arch. Niels de Temmerman

​The project was included in the year book 2020-2021 of the architectural department at VUB.
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