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Bending-active responsive grid shell

The project is an attempt to combine bending- active structural elements in a responsive system. the pavilion consists of a grid-shell that can be controlled with set of wires. The wires can be separately tensioned by the users according to different needs and weather. The aims of the project is to enrich the connection between Brussels locals and the outdoor spaces. Giving the opportunity to the users to alter and shape the pavilion. the seven tensioned wires of the pavilion shape tens of alternatives.

A story of a structure.

Temporary structures are everywhere. They define the outdoor spaces and fill the void between permanent constructions. They follow the organic evolution of cities’ needs and daily functions. Such organic development should be backed by transformable systems that provide flexibility. Transformable structure systems change from one state to another. They can be rapidly assembled and disassembled, then transported to another place to reuse the same materials and reduce the amount of waste.
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